How Hotels can Offer Luxury Guest Experiences

A luxurious guest experience is what attracts and retains customers effectively. If you are still relying on outdated approaches without investing in innovative tech methods, you can easily lose your competitive edge. 

Guests seek luxury in every kind of experience. Whether that will be in a restaurant, hotel, or retail store, for them it is important to feel a personal approach in the service they are offered. Provide them with all they need before they even ask for it. Take Blue Lagoon as an example – they offer all kinds of services with two luxury hotels, spa facilities, four different restaurants, four retail stores, and an online store for their skincare line. Guests do not have to go anywhere outside the hotels as everything they need can be found in one and the same place. 

Blue Lagoon ensures that their guests will receive attention to their personal preferences and enjoy a relaxing stay, free from the hassle of long queues, or unnecessary complications. Whether guests want to check in in the hotel, reserve a table for dinner in the restaurant, book a spa treatment, the experience you provide should be seamless.  

How does Blue Lagoon manage to make it all happen? They deliver high-quality customer experience with LS Central for Hotels, the centralized all-in-one management system that addresses hoteliers’ worries and meets guests’ demands. 

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik chose LS Central as their all-in-one software solution
Blue Lagoon chose LS Central
Image source: LS Retail


Our customer – Festa Hotels – is another example of how the power of your business's digital transformation lays the foundation of a contemporary strategy for retaining customers.  

The leading Bulgarian hotel chain chose LS Central as the solution most suited to their needs. LS Central combines the functionalities of ERP and PMS but it is even more than that. With LS Central, you manage all reservations, financials, POS, inventory, replenishment, e-Commerce, guest engagement and loyalty. After Festa Hotels implemented this solution, they gained 360-degree visibility over their entire hotel chain. No more scattered data around multiple management systems and costly manual upgrades that only resulted in inefficiencies.  

LS Central is the modern solution for modern businesses. It is a tool that challenges the traditional working methods and introduces a revolutionary approach to hotel management. By unifying all aspects of your business operations, you get a closer view over your performance, inventory, sales, key data, guest behavior, and more. 

As a hotel chain that strives to always be in line with the current trends, Festa Hotels chose the solution of LS Central and gave their guests an unforgettable experience. The connected view across all amenities and services helps them understand their guest preferences better and align their products and services with what consumers seek and enjoy. The automated workflow of LS Central saves the team valuable time, allowing them to focus their efforts and resources on more urgent and profitable tasks as well as minimizing the stress in their everyday lives. 

LS Central for Hotels features: Put your guests at the center
LS Central for Hotels features

With LS Central for Hotels, the check in and check out processes are smooth and easy. Your loyal guests are rewarded with bonuses, promotions and personalized offers. You follow their journey across the hotel and identify their favorite products and services – from a preferred room to drink of choice, favorite dish at the restaurant, spa treatment, and more. The unified look over the hotel chain simplifies the decision-making process  

Festa Winter Palace, Borovets, Bulgaria
Festa Winter Palace, Borovets

Festa Hotels’ team easily access and seamlessly connect data about guest details, restaurant and spa bookings, and back-office tasks, which ensures successful collaboration between all parts and departments of the hotel chain. This connected view helps them make the right decisions to improve their services and respond to guests’ preferences accurately. As personalized experiences are a priority for 21st-century customers, LS Central gives users the visibility necessary to understand what each guest likes and to provide it next time they choose to visit your hotel.  

This year at conneXion 2024 Iceland, NavTech Group's General Manager, Dimitar Iliev shared best practices and strategies for selling LS Retail's solutions in the Hotels and Hospitality industry. He highlighted some key elements of how LS Retail partners can sell solutions and become leading providers in this industry based on NavTech Group's own experience with the implementation of LS Central in Festa Hotels. Among these are integrating a top-notch BI reporting tool in LS Central, leveraging case studies and industry-specific content such as whitepapers, blog posts, social media posts, creating an engaging landing page for the Hotels and Hospitality industry as well as a customer video with the help of LS Retail. 

Dimitar also dived into NavTech Group's personal touch to the solution that expanded the benefits of LS Central. To respond fully to the hotel chain's needs and automate all processes for enhancing the employees’ efficiency and the guests’ satisfaction, the NavTech team integrated apps and add-ons.  

Dimitar Iliev, speaker for the Hotels and Hospitality industry at Partner Day, conneXion 2024 

Comfort and accessibility for your guests 

The add-on developed by NavTech Group – eHotel app – combined with the all-in-one solution of LS Central – gives guests the comfort of making their dinner reservations, hotel and spa bookings directly from their phones with a few clicks. They can also look at the menu and they don’t even have to leave their room – they can simply order room service from the app.  

With MyAutomation Hub, NavTech Group’s developed software, integrated into LS Central, Festa Hotels’ guests don’t have to worry about carrying cash or a card with them to pay for all the services they use across the hotel and its amenities. The add-on connects Dynamics 365 LS Central with the hotel service systems, so their bills from the TV, spa, restaurant, lobby bar, etc. are all registered in the ERP system. They can view their current bill at any time directly from the TV in their room and pay at checkout. MyAutomation Hub also allows customers to unlock the door to their room using cards instead of keys, which is a more convenient and eco-friendlier way.  

Festa Via Pontica Resort, Pomorie

For the benefit of the Festa Hotels’ team, the functionalities of LS Central were enriched by a module for tour operator contract management. Managers can access information about all sources of income and expenses, as everything is gathered in one place. This additional module covers all possible conditions under contracts with tour operators and charter companies.  

We are firm believers that innovation lies at the heart of business growth. This is why our team is dedicated to delivering tailored end-to-end solutions, based on products that are developed by leaders on the market – Microsoft and LS Retail. The Hotels and Hospitality industry is not the final destination for our team; we plan on continuously expanding our expertise, more specifically adapting the functionalities of LS Central to the needs of specialized hospitals and hospices. Since LS Central combines the functionalities of ERP and PMS in one single platform, this makes it a suitable solution for the healthcare industry, too, especially for hospitalization services


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