The Client:

Top Hospital Service is a leading Bulgarian healthcare company, established in 2012. The company’s main industry is the wholesale of medicine, medical devices, and disinfection products. Top Hospital Service works with prominent producers in the industry such as GE Healthcare, Celltrion Healthcare, Waldemar Link, Anika Therapeutics, Parcus Medical LLC, etc. Owing to their high-quality and professional services, expertise and visionary decisions, Top Hospital Service has earned a reputation among thousands of satisfied customers as well as leading medical institutions. 

Business Case:

Top Hospital Service relied on an outdated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, thus their employees faced difficulties in performing their day-to-day tasks efficiently and staying up to date with the inventory, sales, and data analytics. They needed a more contemporary solution that would assist them in the daily storage tracking, inventory distribution, resource planning and the huge loads of documentation they had to deal with. Since Top Hospital Service business was expanding and their team was growing, they were on the lookout for a solution that would simplify the whole management process and ensure that they always have the right stock to provide their customers with excellent healthcare services. 

NavTech Group leveraged their expertise in business consulting to assist Top Hospital Service, thereby executing a thorough audit of their old system, deriving key areas of improvement, and offering a solution adapted to their specific requirements. After this in-depth analysis of the system, the desired results and the respective development needs, the team of NavTech Group, together with Top Hospital Service management, made the decision of integrating the latest 2023 version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in combination with the integration of the warehouse management system PocketNAV. 

The Solution:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

As a global ERP system leader, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central completely automates all business management processes of Top Hospital Service - CRM, finance, sales, purchase, inventory, reporting and analytics. In their case, Business Central is stored on premises, and they use the cloud resources of NavTech Group. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central successfully unites all management tasks in software with a user-friendly interface and accessible functionalities. With this integrated solution, Top Hospital Service achieves operational efficiency, gaining a comprehensive 360-degree view over their sales, inventory, customer insights, staff management. What is more, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central automates mundane routine tasks, allowing the team to focus on providing exceptional customer experience.  

By merging ERP and CRM capabilities, the Top Hospital Service team can now manage customer relationships, sales, marketing, finances, and operational processes all within a single software platform. This solution eliminates the need for dealing with multiple disparate systems, streamlining IT management tasks, such as updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting. 

Warehouse Management System PocketNAV 

Recognizing the critical importance of storage tracking and inventory analysis for Top Hospital Service, NavTech Group seamlessly integrated the warehouse management system PocketNAV with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. The compatibility between Dynamics 365 Business Central and PocketNAV perfectly addressed the company's requirements, offering a comprehensive overview of inventory and effectively eliminating the risks of any out-of-stock situations.  

Given Top Hospital Service's extensive catalog of medical devices, relying on manual inventory tracking posed a substantial risk of errors. With PocketNAV’s barcode scanning function, the Top Hospital Service team can easily check item availability, identify when restocking is needed and mitigate risks. This not only increases inventory accuracy by up to 100%, but also boosts employee efficiency as instead of spending time on manual routine procedures, they direct their focus to responding to their customers’ inquiries and ensuring clients receive the necessary products. 

Add-on for Price Cap Regulation by the National Health Insurance Fund 

As Top Hospital Service operates within the healthcare sector, it is essential to comply with strict price regulations. To make the execution of this process as seamless as possible, NavTech Group further integrated an add-on for price cap regulation as part of the solution. The system checks whether the end-selling price of the products is over the price cap regulated by the National Health Insurance Fund. If that is the case, the system notifies the users. In addition, the newly integrated software also checks the end-selling price in comparison to the last purchase price. This ensures that Top Hospital Service will set prices that are not less than the purchase price of the goods. The system automatically prevents that, which gives the Top Hospital Service team uninterrupted control and visibility to make the right sales decisions and adhere to the regulations in the healthcare industry. 

Top Hospital Service office

Benefits Gained: 

All-In-One Solution with Multiple Functionalities 

Top Hospital Service trusted NavTech Group’s all-in-one solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation and successfully united all management operations within the same software. MS Dynamics 365 Business Central allows for seamless data sharing and collaboration across the different departments. The Top Hospital Service team leverages the comprehensive suite of applications offered by MS Dynamics 365 Business Central: operation processes, finance, sales, marketing, customer relationships.  

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the innovative solution we needed to streamline our operations. The implementation process, as well as the overall collaboration with the team of NavTech Group, went smoothly. Their support helped us maximize the value of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central.” 

- Ivaylo Batinkov, Executive Director of Top Hospital Service 

Efficient Resource Planning 

As Top Hospital Service is a business with complex resource management requirements, the company sought a suitable solution for streamlining the planning processes. MS Dynamics 365 Business Central proved to be the perfect fit for their needs. The system allows the team to optimize resource allocation, track their availability, and use them efficiently to respond to customers’ demands.  

Advanced Reporting and In-Depth Analytics 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides extensive analysis of the company’s data and performance. With such advanced reporting, Top Hospital Service can always keep track of tendencies among their customers and optimize their offering in accordance with their needs. The robust reporting functions of Business Central allow Top Hospital Service to follow their performance comprehensively and make in-time data-driven decisions to avoid financial risks. For Top Hospital Service, data transforms beyond mere numbers; Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central turns it into actionable insights. 

“We rely on these real-time reports to make timely decisions across all facets of our business: management, sales, marketing, finances. We always stay up to date with our performance and our customers’ preferences, which is what makes us stand out from our competition on the market. A personalized, data-driven approach is the key to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our services.” 

- Ivaylo Batinkov, Executive Director of Top Hospital Service 

Automation and Efficiency 

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central automates repetitive work tasks and diminishes the risk of human errors. This automated workflow opens the door to enhanced employee efficiency and redirects their focus towards a more customer-centric approach. The Top Hospital Service team can now dedicate more time to ensuring customers’ satisfaction. 

“Our team is enjoying smooth workflow and boosted productivity, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We accomplish many more tasks than before because we work at a much faster pace. At Top Hospital Service, we always strive to stay in line with the trends and this solution ensures exactly this. We have become an integral part of the fully digital business landscape.” 

- Ivaylo Batinkov, Executive Director of Top Hospital Service 

Ivaylo Batinkov, Executive Director of Top Hospital Service

Streamlined Marketing and Sales Processes 

NavTech Group’s solution successfully streamlined the marketing and sales processes of Top Hospital Service as it provides tools for tracking customer behavior and trends which helped the company refine their offering. Leveraging MS Dynamics 365 Business Central’s functionalities, the team of Top Hospital Service can now create marketing campaigns that are aligned with their customers’ preferences and follow their responses much more easily.  

Inventory Management 

Due to the extension of the warehouse management system PocketNAV, Top Hospital Service is always one step ahead in their inventory tracking. The system automates all inventory processes, ensures order processing accuracy, and boosts the employees’ productivity. The Top Hospital Service team puts an end to handling these complex inventory tasks manually and instead, uses the capabilities of PocketNAV to both save time and deal with operations with immaculate precision.  

After implementing NavTech Group’s solution, Top Hospital Service gained complete visibility over all business aspects. The cost-effective and secure solution of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central provides flexibility for customization which makes it a suitable solution for Top Hospital Service’s needs. Now they perform every task seamlessly, have access to real-time analytics, make data-driven decisions, offer personalized customer experience, and always stay in line with the market demands. Top Hospital Service invested in a contemporary solution which streamlined all business operations and paved the way to many more achievements. 

If you are considering your business’ transformation or searching for a solution perfectly suited for your needs and goals, we are here to help you. NavTech Group’s experts will assist you in maximizing your business growth, regardless of the industry or the size of your company. 

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