The Client: 

Bulcons is a leader in the production of lyutenitsa in Bulgaria operating since 1939. They offer a large variety of natural products without preservatives, colorants, or stabilizers. Their products are sold in more than 690 store locations and exported to 20 countries, among which Canada, the USA, England, Germany, Russia, etc. Bulcons values the high-quality of their lyutenitsa and strives to offer an authentic homemade taste of the traditional Bulgarian appetizer.  

Business Case: 

With the previous system and eCommerce platform the company was using, Bulcons faced some difficulties in staying up to date with the latest changes in customers’ purchase habits, especially after the COVID pandemic when most people preferred to order their groceries online. Bulcons’ aim was to enter a new era of digitalization and modernize their services. 

“It was getting difficult for us to keep up with our competition because of the limited functionalities of our previous online store. Since it was also not connected to the ERP system, streamlining our business processes was impossible. This is why we decided we want to modernize our workflow completely.” 

- Tony Penkov, Sales Manager at Bulcons 

They decided to invest in a solution that would maximize productivity, personalize customer experience, and make them stand out from their competitors on the market. A big goal for them was increasing sales and utilizing analytics better to start making data-driven decisions. The company wanted to align with the changing marketing conditions and to ensure that in the wide array of online shopping experiences, Bulcons will offer a high-quality personalized one.

The Solution: 

Bulcons started researching to find a powerful solution for achieving exactly what they need: high productivity and excellent customer experience. They chose NavTech Group’s solution of an ERP system integration – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - and eCommerce platform development. MS Dynamics 365 is a business management solution which is highly adaptable, fast to implement, easy to configure and extremely innovative. Furthermore, Bulcons received a new eCommerce platform, developed and based on Laravel: a robust and modern PHP framework.

A crucial part of NavTech Group’s solution was data migration: Bulcons data was safely transferred to their new platform. What is more, NavTech Group’s solution successfully delivered major benefits for Bulcons sales and productivity. As a shipping method, the NavTech team ensured full integration with courier services and as payment methods, credit and debit cards through ePay, cash/pay on delivery and via bank transfer, were added. 

The updated Bulcons eCommerce platform is fast, multifunctional, and most importantly, convenient for customers. NavTech Group eCommerce development services also include initial SEO optimization (On-page SEO), an easy-to-operate admin panel and a multi-language platform: a Bulgarian, English, and Russian version were created. Bulcons received an eCommerce platform with high level security and data protection which is key when integrating a new system. Their requirements were fulfilled: they can now keep track of the constantly evolving market conditions and adapt their offering to them. Bulcons customers can filter what products they would like to see; choose from categories depending on their preferences – finely ground, coarsely ground, premium, homemade lyutenitsa, etc., and even buy a customized product with their own trademark. Bulcons offers different promo offers every week, quick service, and delivery within 48 hours. 

The homepage of Bulcons ecommerce platform, displaying their variety of products

Benefits Gained: 

Since Bulcons implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and a new eCommerce platform, they have experienced the multiple benefits of managing a digitalized business. They have been offering seamless and personalized customer experience, retaining and attracting clients.  


  • A client-centered approach 

For Bulcons, the customer remains in the center. With such a solution, they can stay competitive in the market and keep track of trends: discounts, promo offers, personalized products, etc. Bulcons customers’ satisfaction is enhanced through the meticulously organized and detailed product catalogue, various payment options, fast search, and express delivery. 


  • A single software for multiple business processes 

Bulcons has united all business aspects into one software solution – MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. This has drastically reduced manual work, saved time, and improved Bulcons services. Business Central offers 360-degree visibility, valuable insights crucial for making data-driven decisions and limitless functionalities. 


  • An advantage for in-store purchases 

Having a tailored eCommerce platform does not mean underestimating your physical store sales. With such a multifunctional eCommerce website, Bulcons observed an increase in their sales in-store purchases as well.  

“It is highly likely that customers look for certain products on our website and then use the “Stores” section to see the locations where they can buy them from. Our updated eCommerce platform has boosted our online and offline sales as it gives customers so many options on how and when to buy, order and pay.” 

- Tony Penkov, Sales Manager at Bulcons 

Bulcons decided to take this enormous step towards fully optimizing their business performance by choosing NavTech Group’s solution of MS Dynamics 365 integration and eCommerce platform development. They are now achieving more than they were ever capable of in terms of sales, customer satisfaction, workflow, time efficiency. Bulcons is looking forward to expanding their eCommerce functionalities and even further bettering their online presence.  

"Working with NavTech Group was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allowed us to overcome our IT challenges and achieve our goals.” 

- Tony Penkov, Sales Manager at Bulcons 

With a solution like the one Bulcons adopted, you bring benefits across all areas of your business. Streamline business processes, minimize manual labor, accelerate revenue, and give your customers a range of options to choose from. 

If you are determined to embrace a customer-centered approach and invest in an eCommerce holistic solution, but do not know where to start from, our team is here to help you. We will work together towards building a strong relationship between your brand and customers, fostering loyalty and ensuring excellence. 

Contact us for a demo or consultation.  

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